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R.A. Lingenfelter has always been interested in the afterlife and the purpose of life. Having always seen, felt and heard dead people, R.A. finally embraced the ability and began learning to communicate with the afterlife. Writing helps process what’s been seen and experienced. Using her maiden name, she’s allowed her muse to tap into the depths of her imagination to write her paranormal tales.

RaeAnne started her life’s career as an automotive mechanic. After being fired for taking maternity leave, she began to plot ways to kill off her boss via car accident, of course! Instead she started writing down her ideas and her father convinced her to spare the boss and turn the notes into a book. 

R.A. Lingenfelter

Rise of Falcons

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Despite her rescue mission being successful, time behind the Dominion walls has scarred her, and enemies who know of her powers are watching; while family conspires against her.

But Willow’s conscience won’t allow those behind the walls to suffer any longer

Will her uprising bring the Crows success or death?


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