The Era of Covid and the Change in Humanity

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. So many reasons why, so many distractions and disillusionment. As with most people, when Covid was first announced, I was pretty scared. Having been a health tech at the time when Ebola hit the US and the protocol we were taught to follow, I was prepared to keep my family as safe as possible. When NONE of the protocol was followed, I started doing my own research on what was going on. If you are diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, you are not sent home to infect friends and family, there are no biohazard waste bins to dispose of the highly contaminated mask, instead they are found lying around parking lots, playgrounds and other public places and this “shut-down” doesn’t even closely resemble what a quarantine is supposed to look like.

Researching the CDC website, I found the information highly suspicious. They posted in bold about how dangerous this deadly virus is, but then when you research further on what category they Covid listed as, it goes completely opposite of their public message. Ebola, smallpox and even some strains of pneumonia are listed as a Category A infectious disease, meaning you could be super healthy but if you are exposed to this virus, it will most likely kill you. Covid, on the other hand, is listed as Category B which is the same as the common cold, which I quote; “An infectious substance NOT in a form generally capable of causing permanent disability or life threatening or fatal disease in otherwise healthy humans or animals when exposure to it occurs.” So why are they lying?

Now keep in mind, I don’t watch live television, I don’t buy newspapers, I don’t follow online news, so without that being forced down my throat, I realized pretty fast that someone was telling the public some pretty false information.

When the “jab” came out and I knew my family and I would not be on the list for that. We did catch Covid in August and yes, it kicked our butt, but because we don’t have any underlying health issues, we were able to ride it out at home with lots of rest and fluids. None of us ever became ill enough to consider hospitalization. I watched others who were not as lucky, though admittedly they did have underlying conditions. Then hospitals labeled deaths as “dying from Covid” when they were actually in hospice dying from cancer, organ failure and COPD. Families caught on and began calling out facilities, who we found out later got paid large amounts of money if the hospitals labeled the deaths as Covid. Hospitals changed their narrative and altered the wording to read dying “from” Covid, to dying “with” Covid. A tiny word change that means completely different things. Still, society hasn’t caught on. They are still defending and believing the lies that are out there instead of asking the hard questions. Why was this illness released, why are they lying, why aren’t they following protocol?

Money. These “free” vaccines are not free. They are spending money that was allocated for other areas, like our social security money that my husband and I have been forcibly paying into for decades. Our retirement money that has been pulled from our paychecks is paying for this poison, and you can’t convince me otherwise that it’s not poison.

One of the things my criminal law class taught me in college was that sometimes you have to work a problem and/or case backwards. So I did. I took all of the side-effects from the jab and Covid and began cross-referencing them. EVERY SINGLE SIDE-EFFECT ARE THE SAME SIDE-EFFECTS AS RADIATION EXPOSURE/POISONING. Hair loss, severe fatigue, blood-clots, pediatric heart-attacks, myocarditis, miscarriages and on and on are all the same as radiation exposure. Now how could they infect all of us though? This is a virus! Dig a little deeper and they perfected how to incorporate radioactive material into bacteria, and then viruses over 70 years ago. Research the Hershey-Chase experiment and it talks all about their breakthrough back in the 1950’s.

Then you go on further with the common sense. Why aren’t the morgues overflowing? Why aren’t the crematoriums overwhelmed or the pet crematoriums being taken over to dispose of all of the dead bodies? Why aren’t graveyards torn up with countless open graves ready for their hosts? Why aren’t there bodies being burned in piles or mass graves? Why have the flu, pneumonia, pertussis deaths suddenly disappeared? All of these questions are being skimmed over and ignored.

And now you are being distracted with Trump did this, or Biden did that. Our government has been corrupted for decades; this isn’t anything new. I can’t even count how many life-threatening experiments our government has done on its people since 1927. I may do a post on that someday. It’s pretty disturbing and yet people still believe and trust in them.

I definitely went through an angry stage with all of this mess. I think all of us have, from one perspective or another. We’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and we can never go back to how it was, but change is inevitable and how we mold our future is going to be key. I won’t post out of anger anymore. I may vent a few, as I’m still a bit bitter regarding the banning of my books. It’s frustrating writing an incredible series along the lines of Hunger Games, asked to be a signing author at the ComiCon to premier the series only to have it canceled because of Covid and then twelve-months later having the books being banned because they “encourage uprising.” They are fictional books that were written BEFORE COVID, even, but that truth is ignored too.

I have found my peace, though. I will continue to use my voice, but I’ll also respect an individual’s decisions, just like I expect them to respect mine. We have enough hate, anger, frustration and fear out there. I’ve decided I want to be that soft, safe place for anyone. I have friends and family who have the jab, don’t have the jab, believe in Trump, believe in Biden, gay, straight, bi, black, white, tan, and I love them all. As long as you show respect as a human being, you will get that respect back from me. My soul may be weary from all of the dark entities out there, but I haven’t given up hope that we, as a people, can come together and fight what truly is the evil.

I’m sending out love and respect and as I say in my TikTok posts, be smart, be safe and be blessed. Till my next post. <3

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