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Points to Ponder on this year, 2020

“I am satisfied that one active campaign… burning two or three of their towns, will set everything to rights.”

“The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.”

“Between you and me I think we are in an exceeding dangerous Situation.”

“War is when the government tells you who the bad guy is. Revolution is when you decide that for yourself.”

Similar words I’m hearing from American voices on all social media sites. The heinous threats and words that are being thrown about as effortlessly as breathing air shocks and cuts my soul. Have we not learned anything from our history? Obviously not.

All of the quotes above are from the Revolutionary War 1775-1783. You may have studied it in school, though what we learned in our generation is quite different from what my children are learning today. Corrupt government and corporations have twisted and eliminated anything that resembles the truth because to teach the truth is dirty and ugly. But aren’t all beginnings dirty and ugly?

We are supposed to learn, grow and become better than our generations before but it appears to me that we are going backwards. There is no respect for anyone who has a different opinion than you. When did we raise our children to think that their values and opinions are better than everyone else who has a differing one so therefore it is justified to attack, kill, maim and eliminate? When did we lose the art of communication and listening? All I see are keyboard warriors who are so full of their own ego that they easily latch onto and publicly bash anyone who has an opinion they don’t agree with.

I have several friends AND family who believe differently than I do. During these dangerous times, we also have admitted to having opposite political candidate preferences. We are definitely not voting for the same person. But guess what? We are still friends and family. We still have meals together, have drinks together and talk about so many different subjects, even politics. We are respectful to each other when we are stating our opinion and LISTEN when the other person is stating theirs. It’s a quid-pro-quo relationship. And if things start to get a little touchy? We agree that it’s time to change the subject onto something lighter, SO WE DO.

We are on a fast-track to another revolutionary war. We are not listening. We are turning into bullies and we are turning against each other. Have you figured out are you an instigator or a solution? I used to be an instigator. I would hear something that I didn’t agree with or maybe I did and I posted my opinion all over my social media sites. My blood pressure would raise and my heart would pump and I would check my comments every couple of seconds ready to attack. Then I found peace and I kicked my ego in the ass and took a step back. How was I helping ANYTHING with hate and that large chip on my shoulder? I wasn’t.

So now I choose not to react. If a war happens, my family and I are prepared. I live by the saying prepare for the worst but pray for the best and praying I am. I’m praying that more of us knock our egos down a bit and check your chip at the door. Listen more than preach. Stop before you start typing and ask yourself; do I want to be the trigger that starts another war or do I want to be the saint who brings forth peace? I’ve heard people use the excuse, well I’m just one person, that won’t make a difference. But look around you. Look at how all of this negativity has spread ONE PERSON AT A TIME. So yes, you can make a difference. Imagine what it would look like if just ONE PERSON AT A TIME choose to spread joy instead of anger; love instead of hate; blessings instead of curses.

Just my little thoughts to ponder today. Off to play with unicorns and faeries! Peace be with you.