Interrupting Your Regular Scheduled Program

Yesterday was a rough day for me. Not only did my horse get injured and no vets were available, but on the way home from work, I was almost run off the highway by an off-duty officer who in turn completely went off when I honked my horn at him to let him know he was about to take out the front end of my truck. His over-the-top reaction completely unsettled me, and I had a hard time falling asleep. It’s the kind of trauma you experience if you are a dog lover and get bit by a dog and unless this has happened to you, it’s hard to explain. It’s a living being who you trust, adore and they turn around and betray you. It’s honestly disturbing. I have family who are in law enforcement and quite a few friends, so to have this happen put a different light on how I view the law. It was a harsh reminder that there’s good and bad in EVERYTHING, which is why I’m posting this outside of my posts regarding our social decay, though in a way, this falls right in with the subject, it just wasn’t planned.

I have all of the larger social media apps. To market my books, I need them. The past two years have been charged with a lot of hate and negativity and I’ve struggled staying out of it but it’s very alluring to want to defend your right to live your life. For the longest time, I wondered if I fit more along the lines of Republicans because being a farmer and a rancher, I have seen how the Democratic parties have diminished our capabilities of feeding our families. I also don’t believe in socialism. If I work seventy hours a week to provide an above average life for my family, I shouldn’t have to share that with someone who puts in little to no work. Pull your own weight is how it should be.

When on social media last night to look at the trending hashtags, I was appalled at the hate, anger and intent on wishing death to all Republicans aka Right Wingers. It sickened my soul, and I closed that app and went to another that is more geared towards “Right Wingers”. What I found there was just as appalling. They were touting just as much hate, judgement and death to “Liberals”, “Demonrats” as the other site. It was then I realized I don’t fit in with either party. I do not believe ANY person, government, church, entity has the right to judge another person. The only one that has that right is the Almighty Himself. God, The Universe, Goddess, Mother, Allah, whatever you call our Creator.

We are quickly repeating history and I wouldn’t be surprised if we started seeing people being labeled as heretics and burned at the stake again. I am a VERY spiritual person, I believe in God, Mother Nature, spirits (that comes naturally since I’ve seen and communicated with the dead my entire life) but I do NOT believe in organized religion. I was baptized into a very large, still in operation cult, in my opinion, and have experienced first-hand how a religion, while created with the best intention, can become evil when the person in charge doesn’t have a pure heart. It’s just not for me. But it is for others and that’s okay, which is exactly my point. I should be able to live my life the way I want, and you should be able to live your life the way you want. Everyone seems to miss the message of “…Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” I truly believe that everyone should know how to fend for themselves, how to grow their own food, how to hunt and survive but there are other people who don’t have that desire. My desires are NOT more important than the other person, nor is it less. As long as your way of life does no harm to another person, then you should be able to live how you want to live, love who you want to love, experience life the way that vibrates positivity in your soul.

I’m closing down my social media accounts for a while. I need to find the people who resonate with my soul, who agrees that hate is not the answer regardless of what side of the street you stand on. Compassion needs to make a comeback, or our society is lost, and the evil has truly won. I want to be the messenger of love and humanity, not of hate and judgement, so if a strange woman comes up and asks if you want a hug, it’s probably just me. I hope more beautiful souls jump on this agenda instead of the one fueled with hate and dissention.

Until the next time, be safe, be smart, be blessed.