2020, REALLY???

It’s been 8 months since my last post and 2020 fell apart? Related? I don’t think so BUT they also cancelled Supernatural so I’m thinking they just need to bring the boys back.

So much going on with us. Madison is still in physical therapy but we are hoping her check in with the surgeon will finally be the good news we are waiting for. She went into Children’s Hospital at the end of February to have her hardware removed from her legs. Surgeon did great, the nurses not so much. They released her too early and she started bleeding. All over the hotel, pools of blood everywhere and when I would call every hour, they kept telling me it will stop, just replace her bandages. I’ve kept the pictures to remind me how scary it was and to push her during her PT. I want this to be done just as much as she does. It’s been a long two years.

I’m back to writing and really enjoying it. I started a new series, End of Crows that was supposed to premier at the Denver ComiCon but then COVID happened. Damn it. I’m hoping it takes off and helps us get into a financial position to buy our own place. We lost everything when we shut our ranch down for Madison’s surgeries. Luckily we were able to find pasture to lease for the horses. I think it would’ve devestated both girls if we had to get rid of the ranch AND their horses. It’s been a tough two years for sure but we are bouncing back.

I’m going to take advantage of my site here. I’ve been using my creative muscle and making some cool book trailers so if I can post them here, I’m going to. Guess I’ve missed human communication more than I realized.

I hope you all are staying safe, sane and kind. Lots of hatred out there so we need to spread some love. Take care and will talk soon!

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