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When life interferes with your career

Graduation parties have come and gone, summer is in mid-swing yet I am just now writing my next blog. Thank you to those who still faithfully read and haven’t given up on me. I have to admit, it has been a VERY challenging summer which has pulled me away from my writing, my friends and my other author friends.

I sincerely believed that I was untouchable, I had finally won life’s lottery in a sense when my year started out with winning the Master Koda Extreme Author Makeover contest. I felt doubly blessed when the owner of Master Koda, Kim Emerson, took me under her wing and helped me achieve best-selling author and no, not just in the Kindle free category. Imagine my glee when we finally were able to get our country property and in April, moved to 35 acres outside of town and brought my horse home. I honestly thought I was on easy street! I pictured my mornings being able to socialize and market on the Internet while my girls explored our property and then writing on my novel in the evenings and making my deadline of June 30th. My afternoons I would catch up on my baking or cleaning or playing in the garden with my children. Life was going to be SO grand, so perfectly planned! Oh how wrong was I!

We have been barraged by one thing after another from a car accident, my daughter ending up in the ER and a second pending surgery, a horse accident which resulted in multiple skull fractures in a 6 year-old friend, a horse who injured itself, draught and a wildfire 5 miles from home. Those are just the big ones, in between we’ve had little bumps that by themselves wouldn’t be such a big deal but when combined with the bigger issues, definitely make themselves known and a problem. So what did I do? I put my writing, my friends and my career on hold. I contacted my editor and told her there is no way I will meet my deadline, I’m trying to take one day at a time and focus on one issue at a time. Yet I’ve filled myself with guilt for the neglect of my fellow authors, mentor and supporters. My great friend, Karen Magill, had a book promo a few weeks ago and I was unable to support her the way she supported me. Another friend and amazing author, Martin Crosbie, (whose book is absolutely amazing) had a promo this past Father’s Day that I completely missed! Not to mention some of the other incredible author friends I have that are marketing and promoting their own books.

I’d like to say that for the next few weeks I will be doing nothing but sitting on my laptop promoting all of these worthy and talented people but I don’t want to be a liar. We are still under fire danger and have to be cautious of our water consumption because we are on a well. We have a bag with essentials packed and sitting next to the front door in case of an evacuation. We are selling some of our horses because a bale of hay is $9.00 a bale (normally $3.50) and all of our pastures are burned up. I’m still taking my daughter to the doctors to decide whether a second surgery is necessary or not. I still feel unbelievably blessed. We still have our home, we are still together, we still have water for now and I hope I still have my patient and oh-so-incredible friends and fans. I refuse to complain because life could throw some curve balls that would/could be devastating and it hasn’t. I will bathe myself in the gratitude of what I have and where I’m at and believe that this set back in my career is for a reason, that the timing is for a greater success down the road. Has life interfered with YOUR career? Will you see it as a future blessing or a curse?