Best-Selling Author

So I spent Easter weekend crying. Why now, you may ask? Well, because of YOU, my lovely friends and fans, you made me a best-selling author! My hope had been to break into the top 100 and by Saturday evening, I was sitting at #11! Shortly after 3 pm Sunday afternoon, I hit #1 in romance and #4 overall. I can’t express to you the joy, the amazement, the shock of it all and I still get goosebumps when I tell my local friends who don’t know yet. So thank you, thank you for helping make a dream come true and marking something off of my list that I had only dreamed of achieving.

On this note, I have a wonderful friend who is also an author. The past year we have shared our hopes, our dreams and our disappointments. She has a different writing style than I but her imagination flows more along the realistic. Her story she has out right now, Let Us Play, is so completely possible that it’s easy to imagine the government ending rock & roll. For the next couple of days, her tale is free too. I ask that you show her the love that you showed me and download her story, then share the link with your friends so that they can download it too. It makes a huge difference in an author’s life to see those numbers rise.


I won’t be back on until probably Monday. We moved and won’t have internet until then so I will trust that I am leaving her in wonderful hands. You all are amazing and thank you again! Life is meant to be fun and I sure am enjoying the journey!


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