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Josephine Lingenfelter, come on down!

Anybody who has been serious in the “writing” industry for any length of time knows that this is a very subjective, difficult and challenging culture. I don’t know of anyone who has been a part of the writing world who has come out of it unscathed and their skin a little thicker.  I have been writing for eight years and I’m still considered a “new” author. I will admit, even though I have learned an immense amount of information, I still have quite a bit more to learn. I’m plugging along, following my gut and the closer I listen to it and my friend and marketing agent, Kim Emerson with Master Koda, the more I learn and the more successful I become. With this success receive more reviews from my fans and I’m able to hear what you, the reader, think of my tales. It’s very fullfilling and now I want to give something back.

Those of you who have followed along with me on my journey already know that I have been working on the sequel to my first book, Mechanics of Murder. I have many fans who have been pleading, begging and some even threatening me to get the sequel written and released and I’m thrilled to accommodate them as it will finally be released May 1st. To introduce Jo to those who are not familiar with her, I am going to be giving away the first book, Mechanics of Murder, on Amazon Kindle this Wednesday through Friday. I hope that Jo will be as well received as With Love was, though I hold no expectations. As I have learned the past eight years, this industry can be fickle but through it all I still love my stories, I love my career and most of all, I love my fans.

Here is the link to Mechanics of Murder which will be free from April 25th, 2012 through April 27th, 2012. Thank you for your support, your comments, and your excitement for my writing. You are all inspiring to me and I will continue to try and entertain you and take you into my world. Life is meant to be fun, enjoy the journey!

Spring-a time of change

It’s been a crazy, wonderful, insightful week. My book sales have taken off, (thank you very much), we are almost completely moved and to celebrate my daughter’s eighth birthday we presented her her first horse. It was absolutely wonderful to see her expression, to see the tears in her eyes and watch her joy as she brushed and lead her new horse around.

The side effects of all of the above? I’m feeling the desire, the drive to produce another best-selling book, my new house is a mess and it’s hard to find things and my youngest daughter has now decided that she needs a pony so that she can enjoy the fruits of horse ownership. Usually with all of these changes and new pressures I would tend to start stressing which is what caused my poor health a few months ago. I will admit, I was up at 2 am, starting to fret but then remembered the blessings that had occurred the past couple of months and I took a deep breath and relaxed. Everything will work out the way it should be. If I relax and enjoy the blessings now it will be easier for other blessings to flow into my life.

Once we become adults and realize the world doesn’t revolve around us we begin to worry. As we become parents and spouses, that worry and stress grows larger. Now our world revolves around our children, our partners. I’m vowing to relax and not worry so much because honestly, even if what I worry about comes true, will the worry have prevented it? We know the answer to that. But nine times out of ten, the circumstances I worry about don’t come to fruition and the stress and worry were for naught and I missed out on enjoying the little things I should have been paying attention to.

As spring rolls into summer and things are starting to change, are you able to adapt and adjust as easily or are you stressing about how things are going to be taken care of, if things will be done the right way? During this time of change for all of us I hope that you remember that life is meant to be fun and you should enjoy the journey!

Best-Selling Author

So I spent Easter weekend crying. Why now, you may ask? Well, because of YOU, my lovely friends and fans, you made me a best-selling author! My hope had been to break into the top 100 and by Saturday evening, I was sitting at #11! Shortly after 3 pm Sunday afternoon, I hit #1 in romance and #4 overall. I can’t express to you the joy, the amazement, the shock of it all and I still get goosebumps when I tell my local friends who don’t know yet. So thank you, thank you for helping make a dream come true and marking something off of my list that I had only dreamed of achieving.

On this note, I have a wonderful friend who is also an author. The past year we have shared our hopes, our dreams and our disappointments. She has a different writing style than I but her imagination flows more along the realistic. Her story she has out right now, Let Us Play, is so completely possible that it’s easy to imagine the government ending rock & roll. For the next couple of days, her tale is free too. I ask that you show her the love that you showed me and download her story, then share the link with your friends so that they can download it too. It makes a huge difference in an author’s life to see those numbers rise.


I won’t be back on until probably Monday. We moved and won’t have internet until then so I will trust that I am leaving her in wonderful hands. You all are amazing and thank you again! Life is meant to be fun and I sure am enjoying the journey!


Happy Easter!

I love my friends and fans and have felt so horrible about being gone that I want to give you my book, With Love; Now & Forever, for free! It has 11 five star reviews and I’m so very proud of it! Tell your friends too! I’ve got enough love to spread around!

Thank you for your patience and the end of our move is in sight!