Life, love and the persuit of change

April is coming up pretty dang fast and even though I look forward to it every year, this years seems even sweeter. My two favorite seasons of the year are spring and fall. Both mark a change, a preparation for things to come and I get excited and as giddy as my daughters. This year April brings multiple blessings. Not only are we moving into our new house with 35 acres but I’m no longer working outside of the home which will allow me freedoms I have been dreaming of. Gardening, horseback riding, writing and cooking are just to name a few.

April also brings with it the celebration of my oldest daughters birthday. She’s turning the big 8 which means my baby isn’t a baby anymore. The booster seat will be put in the other vehicle for her younger sister, she will get her own horse which will also allow her a little more freedom. It’s hard to see them grow up so fast but I watch her, proud and amazed at the incredible person she is becoming and knowing that her father and I had a part of that.

It also marks 8 years of writing for me. I look back on that day when I was told that I no longer worked for that company because I had taken maternity leave and I remember the pain, the anger, the shock. I remember it but I no longer feel it. What I had thought was such a horrific day, seeing it now, was actually a blessing. It was scary and yes, we sacrificed our ranch and sold all of our horses but we made it, we’ve rebuilt and re-established. Because of that day, my first book, Mechanics of Murder, was written, which sparked my passion, my desire, my dream and my therapy. I’ve since written 4 other books, one being the sequel to my first, and have 3 other novels in the works and several more with notes. I’ve met amazing people from all over the world, gained a very nice fan base and an even better friend base, both are growing. I also hope to start traveling this year to start meeting my fans, my friends and spread my name even more. What I had once thought was a horrific thing that had happened to me was actually a door closing on a career I wasn’t happy with and open one to a life I love.

So on the celebration of love, in the month of April, I will be offering my paranormal romance, With Love; Now & Forever, for free on Amazon Kindle. It offers a different perspective on unconditional love, which is what I feel for my life, my family. Stay tuned for the date I will be releasing it! Have you ever had a horrible thing happen to you and then after the fact, realize it was probably one of the best things that have ever happened? Life can be pretty crazy but it’s supposed to be, enjoy the ride!

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