When giving up is a sign of success

We all have had people/places/things in our life that tend to bring us down yet we continue and try to fix it or make it work. In my newest romance, Love’s Everlasting Song, Rebecca Gordon is faced with the fact that her marriage is failing. Like most of us, we tend to spread ourselves thin, including me, and all areas of our life begin to suffer.  We are eventually forced to sit down and evaluate the things that are most important to us. Sometimes the revelation isn’t what we expected or what we want.

In my life, I have found that my job at my girls’ elementary school ranked lower than the other things in my life so last Tuesday I put in my notice. In Love’s Everlasting Song, Rebecca found that her loveless marriage ranked lower than the other things in her life and with a heavy heart, agreed to end her marriage. But all is not ever a loss. I honestly and truly believe that when one door closes another opens. For me, it’s being able to get back to writing and enjoy the blessings of being a wife, mother and author. Rebecca was able to take the energy she spent on her distant husband and focus on her career.

So what is the object in your life that you feel is holding you back? Are you able to give it up to succeed elsewhere in your life? I would love to hear of your successes and enlightenments! Life is meant to be fun, enjoy the journey!

6 thoughts on “When giving up is a sign of success

    • Kim, thank you! You’re thoughts and opinions mean the most because of the role that you play in my life. I hope that I can bring others joy, happiness and maybe a different perspective on life that maybe they hadn’t considered.

  1. Wow RaeAnne that was amazing!! Now, I gotta read your book!
    I don’t know whats holding me back, as I have no bf or any friends….maybe it’s fear? Fear that i will fail? Anyways thanks for the great blog! 😀

    • Sian, I TOTALLY understand about fear holding you back! For so many years I didn’t put myself out there because of it. Now that I have four books out there I’m wondering if my fear of succeeding is holding me back. Sounds crazy but something that I need to investigate within. I’ve seen your talent and I know if you can figure out that roadblock that’s holding you back, you are going to soar!

  2. Never look back it’s a waste of time. Never want what is beyond your reach otherwise you will become like me. I’m following a dream and as of yet no one has put the past in my way to stop me achieving that dream.

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