Is there a bigger plan?

Tonight I was blessed to be able to talk to my best friend. In order to express to you how close she is to me, I have to tell you about our beginnings. I had bought a ranch after my divorce and her and her husband moved into the neighborhoood shortly after I moved in. She had Arabian horses and raising Tennessee Walking Horses myself I knew she probably didn’t want to have to do anything to do with me and so I went on with my life avoiding my new neighbor. A fellow neighbor or mine stopped me while I was working with my mare and we got to chatting and she invited our “neighbor” over. After a few minutes of conversation I realized I had a soul mate in the form of a friend. We were inseparable and spent many nights together talking about our dreams, our desires, our fears. Fast forward to two children, career changes and moves. She is now in Oklahoma and us in western Colorado.

We still talk, still dream But she caught me off guard when she asked me if I had ever read or watched the book/movie The Secret. I told her that I had both the book and the movie. She asked me what I thought of it. After taking a moment I was surprised at my own answer. I thought it was bull. Now before I am condemned for making such a statement, I would like to justify my decision. I have been an avid believer in The Secret, having lived, breathed and immersed myself in the beliefs. I have created a visioning board, ( two of them as a matter of fact) and even listened to Abraham Hicks who also goes along with the Secret beliefs. I have focused on every thought I have had, given thanks for every blessing, believed and lived every dream I have ever imagined in the hopes that I will to “come to realize The Secret”.

After 6 years of living the life of The Secret, and believing that my thoughts would create my reality, I fell down into hopeless despair of what I was doing wrong. I couldn’t control my thoughts enough, couldn’t do enough positive to make my life, my family’s life better. I decided to talk to someone whom I trusted more than anyone else in the world. I talked to my Dad. I asked him what was the right path and I believe he gave me the answer. It’s fine to have your dreams, to want more, to strive for more but you need to appreciate the now and what things that are brought to you. You may NEVER have what you have pictured for yourself on that visioning board but if you appreciate and feel blessed with what you DO have, your gifts are endless. You need to love who your are and where you are at now because that is the blessing, what is around you right at this moment because it could be taken from you in a blink of an eye and saying “I’m sorry” or  “if I had only known” can never fix the situation.

Lindsay, I love you to death and I am SO glad we talked over Arabians and Tennessee Walkers. You will ALWAYS be my blessing!

5 thoughts on “Is there a bigger plan?

  1. I’ve never read the book or seen the movie so I can’t comment on that part. But I do think it is at least as important to pay attention to the now as it is to make plans/dream for the future. You can’t totally ignore the future but neither should you ignore the good stuff you have today.

    Another great post. We are here for you.

  2. RaeAnn I have read the book and have seen the movie, and like you there are times when I go “what?” nothing I do is working BUT than again if you really pay attention tiny things did in fact happen I just didn’t notice them because I was focusing on things that I wanted that were so much bigger…your dad is right on the one aspect, if you are totally happy with what you do have and rejoice for all the little things, food on the table, a new client, friends who you can talk to, those things will start adding up and you will start projecting positive thoughts automatically and than watch what happens…take this from someone who studied the Secret and The Laws of Attraction for years…it is all in the sense of your thoughts, daily thoughts, NOT just what you want to happen BUT the real secret is loving what you already have and being thankful, and projecting those positive things outward…surprisingly other bigger and better things will start to happen 🙂

  3. Another thought hit me when I walked away to get my coffee, if you are always focusing on what you WANT, are you not really focusing on a LACK, which is really a negative thought? Just something to think about, it hit me out of the blue…by always saying “I want a new car”, “I need and want a bigger house” are we really saying we are not happy with what we have and therefore projecting to the universe that we are in lack, instead of being happy with a car that at least still gets us to point A and point B, or at least we have a roof over our heads, and not out on the street…my family was very close to losing our house 2 yrs. ago and I know how frightening it was to us, and how that situation made me totally rethink about what I really wanted…I was very thankful that we still had a roof over our heads, and by constantly saying “Thank you for today” HUGE positive things started happening! 🙂 ok enough “lecturing” just some thoughts that had popped into my head when I walked away.

  4. Raeanne,
    I have a few books on the Law of Attraction and also The Secret movie. I believe it works but in this society of material things I think there are times when we have to step back and really think of what we are wishing for. Just like God answers all prayers – he just sometimes says no – I believe that the universe will someimes take us to what we want through a round about path.

    Example. When I first moved back to Vancouver from Calgary in 1996 I dreamed of living in a downtown penthouse apartment and being able to spend all my time writing. Well, I got what I wished for. Kind of. I came down with MS and had to take a medical retirement from my job and now i can spend most of my time writing. And I do live in an apartment in Vancouver. It is just a second floor that I rent on the lower income side of town. And now due to certain allergies it would be in my best interest to live in a house not an apartment.

    So the universe said okay you want to live in an apartment in Vancouver. You are. You wanted to be able to spend your time writing. Now you can. It just isn’t what I really imagined it to be.

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