What if?

I will admit, I am a big Grey’s Anatomy fan and last night’s show was based around the lives of my favorite characters if circumstances in their lives had been different. I loved how the writer’s of the show made the characters so different than what we have come to know them. It begs you to think of yourself and the life that you have, the “what if” in your own life.

I will admit that there have been times I have wondered the same thing. One of the big events in my life I have wondered about was when I was going to college at St. Mary’s of the Woods in Indiana. I was studying equine science and was also getting my teaching degree in special ed. I had an amazing room on campus, by myself, the campus itself was that out of a fairytale and my schedule was any academics dream. I truly was living the life. But young love and immaturity got the best of me and after a semester, I dropped out to come back home to the boy I thought I was in love with. After 2 weeks of living with him, we couldn’t stand each other and we broke up. My pride wouldn’t allow me to contact my college and beg to come back.

I definitely wonder about what would have happened if I had stayed and graduated. I was on the collegiate riding team and we were scheduled to compete that spring around the US. I definitely wonder but I definitely don’t regret. I have an amazing life, husband and children that also fall into the fairytale category so life has not dealt me the short end of the stick. I like to think that even if I had stayed and graduated that someway, somehow, I still would have met my wonderful husband and had my girls because at the end of the day, they are my greatest joy, bring out my deepest love and fulfill me more than any degree could.

I hope this weekend finds blessings and miracles that come rapidly into your life and remember, life is meant to be fun, enjoy the journey!

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