To think or not to think?

New Year’s resolutions are starting to lose their appeal and the holiday for love is coming up. We are caught up in the stresses of filing tax returns, bills coming in from Christmas shopping and what to do for that special someone in our life on Valentine’s Day. Or, if you are not in a relationship currently, how to avoid all the mushy affectionate couples that tend to go a little overboard with their public affection. In my last blog, I hoped that I brought to your attention the most important person in your life and hopefully you will give them their just deserves. You won’t regret it. In this blog, I’d like to hear a goal, desire, fantasy, dream that you’ve had or set for yourself this year, no matter how far-fetched it may feel to you.

I honestly believe that the things you focus on the most are the things that you will bring more of in your life. You’re emotions regarding those things will also have an effect on what transpires in your life. Being a fairly positive person, I tend to focus on the blessings that I have, my healthy, beautiful, intelligent children, my loving husband, the house we are able to live in, the cars we drive, the food on our table. It’s because of my focus on the positive that I believe so many miracles have appeared in my life recently. But I am human and my worry about finances tainted my focus on the positive and that’s exactly what I brought in, more worry and fear. For the first time in our married life, we had the first month of no income, no paychecks. Let me tell you, it has been a hard lesson but a lesson it is. A week ago I began refocusing on the positive things in my life and lo and behold, things started turning around again. It was a hard lesson and a scary one but also one I won’t ever forget. I think the hardest lessons in our lives are the ones that tend to stay in the fore front of our memory.

So now I am focusing on being a best-selling author, a nurturing mother, a fantastic wife, a wonderful friend and an amazing author. It not only feels better emotionally but I’m able to reap the rewards of focusing on the positive. So now I invite you to tell me about the blessings in your life, the goals you have set, the dreams you have. And always remember, life is meant to be fun, enjoy the journey!

4 thoughts on “To think or not to think?

  1. I am thankful for meeting you and so many great people in the last few months. I’m thankful for a great husband. I’m having a blast with my new company. I’m struggling with the book I’m writing but that is ok. I am very thankful I now have a good team of doctors and my health has taken a turn for the better.

    Another great post.

  2. My goals for this year are to finally get my weight down – my doctor will be so happy! To make drastic advances in my writing career (I have already started) to get my next novel written and to continue to meet wonderful people like you and Tasha and Debra and Kim and the list goes on. I am single but that is more by choice – I haven’t met anyone that I really want to invest that much time with. You are so right. Once we make a commitment to look at the positive things in life good things abound.

  3. So very grateful to be among those who know you, RaeAnne. Your blog is so thought provoking and I always enjoy reading it. You ARE a best selling author. It IS right there in front of you. Claim it my friend, it is yours!

  4. My intention for 2012 is to live fully. I believe this also means to be fully present in each moment. I’m not sure what it will look like for the entire year but for now it looks like writing again, rereleasing Bertha-Size Your Life, and getting the Sequel ready for publication. It feels like I’m in the right place at the right time.

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